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From the rush of battle to the pain of being wounded in combat, follow SSG Roberts and his recon infantry company as they go after insurgents in the unforgiving streets of Iraq. Rawiraq was shot from a helmet cam during the height of the Iraq insurgency 2005-2006. Withess the realities soldiers face every day through an inspiring first person persepctive.


Movie runtime is 60 minutes.

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"The structure of your documentary was excellent. It was well organized and it kept drawing me in and kept me watching. I felt like you took me on a day-in-the-life during your tours over there. The way you told your story using the video, music and your narration works really well. VERY cool video."

"DVD looks really good! It looks REALLY professional. You did a fantastic job."

"This video is awesome! Thanks for serving... we owe our freedom to brave soldiers like you!"